1. How is the package sent? ?

Once your package is sent, you will be notified by email of your unique ‘delivery number’ and delivery details. You will also receive detailed information of the carrier to track and trace your order. You can choose any carrier that you want your package to be represented in China.
By default, we use DHL UPS FedEx for international shipping. Or any kind of logistics you specify

  1. Shipping cost?

Shipping cost is not included in the price list, and the cost will be calculated after confirming the order

  1. Shipment insurance?

Our default carrier includes the value of the loss or damage of the goods. The shipper fills in the insurance section on the front of the freight bill or the written instructions of the automatic logistics system, and pays the applicable insurance premium. If it is shipped by another carrier, please contact your carrier Contact to find out the insurance situation.

  1. Delivery time?

The delivery time may vary depending on the destination, please contact your carrier for more information.

  1. In the event of loss or damage, who is responsible for the shipment?

Our company is not responsible for your shipment after it is handed over to your carrier. Please be sure to fill in the insurance part of the freight bill before shipping, so that the carrier can refund in full in case of loss or damage.